Dates Boxes

Included: A grade plain dates grown in UAE Local Farm.

Wrapped with a cardboard material for your full-color logo or design.

  • Size: Large, Big, Small
  • Pcs in 1 case: 50 pcs
  • Carton Size: 35 x 33 x 65 cm

Printing Options: Screen Printing on Box

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Dates boxes are simple and plain boxes comprising high-quality dates. These dates are grade plain dates from local farms of UAE. Thus, they have a good sweet taste. Moreover, the box had composed of high-grade cardboard material. Thus, it is strong and reliable. It safely keeps the dates inside it. Thus, it is good for keeping dates. This box comes in three sizes. However, each case comprises 50 pieces of dates. The sizes include big, large, and small. Plus, it is so lightweight and compact. It doesn’t take much room. There had a square-shaped area on the cover of the box for showing dates. This area comprises a transparent plastic material. As they had used for showing dates Thus, they can easily attract people’s attention.

It comes with a screen printing option. The logo is placed on the top of the box. So, it will get people’s attention. Thus you can easily customize this SAWG item. For a company or a store, these dates boxes are excellent for branding. You can distribute them as promotional gifts with other gifts among your customers and client. So that others can learn about your innovation and understand you when they see such a graceful corporate gift. Thus, for the representation of your creativity, you can use these SAWG date boxes as promotional gifts.

  • Composed from high-quality cardboard material.
  • Plain grade dates grown in UAE farms.
  • Stylish boxes for keeping dates.
  • Sizes: Big, Large, Small.
  • Screen printing option for logo imprinting.
  • Attractive corporate gift.

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